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Who we are

Jackit Consult (Pty) Ltd is a consulting and outsourced services company that specializes in management information solutions. 


What is in a name

Our name and our logo, the red Jacket, symbolizes the following values within our business:


  • Not the run of the mill experience. Passion is key in being a sure winner and we are passionate.


  • Tailor-made

Our aim is to be part of our client’s businesses and play an integrated role in the management of their businesses. Our solutions are tailored to fit their business requirements and assist them in developing their business to its ultimate potential.


  • Protection from the elements.

Similar to the protection which a jacket provides to the human body against the elements of nature, our clients should feel protected from the risks they would have faced by not having proper management information, procedures and internal controls in place.

Through our consulting and outsourced services, we ensure that risk management and internal controls are implemented to protect businesses against very specific risks.


  • We believe that IT is a critical enabler in any business and should be considered when designing tailor-made solutions.


  • We strive to be professional at all times, providing clients with quality services which distinguishes us from our competitors.


  • We are bold about the quality of services which we offer to our clients.


Our values

  • Always act honestly and with integrity;
  • Be professional;
  • Provide value for money solutions of the highest quality;
  • To ensure we are technically up to date with new legislation and developments within our target market;
  • Stay focused; and
  • Use our business to fulfil our purpose in life.


Our team

The company was started by a number of highly skilled individuals with many years of management experience within the corporate environment across a number of industries in South Africa.

In addition to the experience gained within various corporate entities (including listed companies), a number of these individuals were also involved in start-up companies, which have successfully grown into large companies now being part of listed groups.


Our team includes highly skilled individuals with post graduate education, which include:

  • Chartered Accountants (SA);
  • Masters in amongst others Financial Management;
  • B.Comm degrees;
  • Diplomas in cost and management accounting; and
  • Financial Advisory & Intermediaries Services Regulatory examinations for both representatives and key individuals.


Collectively our team has many years of experience in the following industries:

  • Manufacturing;
  • Whole sale industries;
  • Financial services;
  • Freight logistics;
  • Investment management;
  • Retail;
  • Property rental, and many more.


Our team members have served as Trustees, Directors of various companies and sub-committees of these boards, including:

  • Executive committees;
  • Investment committees;
  • Risk committees;
  • Audit committees;
  • IT Steering committees; and
  • Sub-committees of Industry bodies.